I made it in New York! What did good ‘ol Blue Eyes sing:”…if I can make it there / I will make it anywhere / It’s up to you / New York / New York…”! I traveled to the Vietnamese archipelago in Sept 2017. When Covid Lockdown hit in 2020, The New York Times asked contributors to send in their travel stories. My dad was imprisoned on the main island during the Vietnam War during the repressive South Vietnamese President regime of Diem. Dad was a journalist and a nationalist and he was sympathetic to the Vietnamese National Party that was involved in the 1960 coup. For their rebellion, Dad and his associates were locked up in the tiger cage cells https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/travel/places-to-visit-vacation.html. The colonial French had built the cells.

Scroll down the link to just over 3/4 quarters of the way down to “Con Dao” under “Thang Dac Luong”.


Thang Dac Luong

Author of Refugee Wolf

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