Here is a video of me reading an extract from my short story Refugee Wolf (Flying Pig Media, 2013) at an event called Eventbrite on 12/11/2014. This was organized by the City of Sydney library and was held at the Haymarket library at 744 George Street. Thanks to Portia Lindsay, General Manager and Online Editor at Seizure (a great literary journal) for inviting me. Thanks also to Alison Dexter from the library for organizing the event.

Thanks to the great audience and my friends who were there as part of the Late Night Library – Haymarket First Timers – program. There were other great writers reading from their books, too, including: Omar Musa, Summer Land, Jo Riccioni and Bruce McCabe. There was another “wild card” writer, like me, who read after me but I didn’t quite catch their name (apologies). I am sure The City of Sydney Library will have it all together on their website.

Refugee Wolf is a dark comedy, inspired by “The Three Little Pigs” fairytale and is about the asylum seeker debate. Australian novelist Carmel Bird said that Refugee Wolf is “a powerful, engaging, accessible exposition of the issue of Australia and refugees. Also very funny.”

Refugee Wolf can be purchased on Amazon.

I am in the background.

TDL Refugee Wolf reading Syd City Lib

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