Welcome to my online eBook launch for Refugee Wolf, published by Flying Pig Media! A paperback version is being worked on and will be available in the next few weeks.

It is being sold for an introductory price of $US 0.99c!!! and will probably increase in price over time.

WARNING! This is a dark and comedic, futuristic fairytale about the terms of the asylum seeker and refugee debate in Australia. It contains mild coarse language, biffo, beer, pork and a lot of hot air. (As I have said on in my author’s note, this story uses satire to highlight a serious issue and I acknowledge the traumatic journey of all asylum seekers and refugees. It is not my intention to undermine their feelings and experiences as I am a refugee, myself).

It can be found on http://www.amazon.com if you type in the search field for “Refugee Wolf” by T.D Luong.
Here is the link.

I’m having a competition that will last a month until Thursday 19 September 2013.

The first 5 readers to post a review of the eBook on Amazon will receive a free autographed paperback copy once that becomes available – hopefully in about 6 weeks time. (I have to get a sample copy first and check that it is okay, before I order one for you). Just let me know, once you’ve reviewed it.
Instructions for those who don’t have a Kindle reader — for those who do, please ignore…

1. Download the Kindle software or App onto your
– PC or MAC computer/ laptop, see links



– Tablet (IPad or Android using the App store or Play Store), or
– Smartphone (Apple or Android using the App store or Play Store)

2. Then register on Amazon with your email address / password (if you don’t have one already).

3. Type in “Refugee Wolf” in the search field.

4. Make your purchase, and you should get a confirmation email.

5. The story should download automatically onto your device, (and will sync with your Kindle Reader if you have one).

Down the track I will put eBook on Ibooks and any other appropriate “E” platforms.

I hope to be in touch with the media soon.

If you see any media coverage of my book, please let me know.

Thanks for all your support.

Warm regards,


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